According to the Tourism Act, TOS, as a national tourism organisation, is responsible for:

  1. promoting tourism in the Republic of Serbia;
  2. coordinating the activities of local tourism organisations, businesses and other entities involved in tourism, which are directly and indirectly involved in the promotion of tourism;
  3. preparing and implementing yearly plans and programmes of promotional activities;
  4. organising tourism-related market research in support of the promotion of tourism in the Republic of Serbia;
  5. market research in the areas of conferences, trade fairs and sporting and cultural events;
  6. providing information and marketing materials to promote tourist destinations (including printed publications, audio and video promotional materials, websites, souvenirs, etc.);
  7. creating and developing a unified tourism information system and linking it with other information systems at home and abroad;
  8. collating all kinds of tourism information for access by the public, as well as drawing up and publishing a tourism calendar;
  9. establishing and operating tourist offices abroad and information centres at home, independently or in cooperation with other organisations;
  10. cooperating with other countries’ national tourism organisations, as well as international and regional tourism organisations, and proposing measures for participating in multinational and regional tourism promotional projects and programmes;
  11. determining a standard model for the design, equipping and services provided in tourist information centres in the Republic of Serbia;
  12. establishing a tourist signposting system and coordinating the activities of tourism organisations and other companies in its implementation;
  13. other activities which ensure the successful promotion of tourism.

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