Serbia’s inland waterways, on which an international and interstate sailing regime applies, comprise the rivers:

  • Danube, at a length of 588 km
  • Sava, at a length of 198.6 km
  • Tisa, at a length of 164 km

The Danube river isPan-European Transport Corridor 7.

Port director’s officesprovide information about and instructions on waterway conditions, navigating the Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal system, sailing through the lock of the Đerdap (Iron Gate) hydroelectric power plant, sailing in border areas, border and customs formalities and procedures for leaving Serbian territorial waters and entering foreign territorial waters.

During winter, ice is a threat to boats and it is necessary to remove boats from open rivers and store them somewhere secure, such as winter docks. The Danube is navigable from 1stMarch to 25thDecember. Navigation is possible during winter if there is no ice, but it is not economical because of the shorter daylight hours and the low water level. A water level report is broadcast daily at 12:10 on Radio Beograd 1.

The Basic Provisions of Navigating the Danube, which was passed by the Danube Commission in 1990, apply on Serbia’s inland waterways.

River border crossings


  • Bezdan – Mohacs
  • Kanjiža – Szeged
  • Veliko Gradište – Belobresca
  • Donji Milanovac – Svinita
  • Tekija – Orsova
  • Kladovo – Turnu Severin
  • Prahovo – Portile de Fior 1

Inland river border crossings:

Apatin, Novi Sad and Belgrade (Sava Passenger Dock)

Port director's offices on the Danube

  • Bezdan,Carinska kolonija bb, 25270 Bezdan, tel. +381 (0)25 819-958
  • Apatin, Dunavske obale bb, 25260 Apatin, tel. +381 (0)25 772-245
  • Bačka Palanka(u rekonstrukciji)
  • Novi Sad, Beogradski kej 11, 21000 Novi Sad, tel. +381 (0)21 526-684
  • Beograd, Karađorđeva 6, 11000 Beograd, tel. +381 (0)11 202-9906
  • Pančevo, Dositeja Obradovića 13, 26100 Pančevo, tel. +381 (0)13 342-560
  • Smederevo, Despota Đurđa 11, 11300 Smederevo, tel. +381 (0)26 227-140
  • Veliko Gradište, Obala Kralja Petra 13, 12220 Veliko Gradište, tel. +381 (0)12 662-219
  • Kladovo, Dunavska 11, 19320 Kladovo, tel. +381 (0)19 800-284
  • Prahovo, Pristanišna zona bb, 19330 Prahovo, tel. +381 (0)19 524-026

Port director's offices on the Sava and Tisa

  • Sremska Mitrovica, Promenada 13, 22000 Sremska Mitrovica, tel. +381 (0)22 621-080
  • Senta, Tiski cvet 6, 24400 Senta, tel. +381 (0)24 812-200
  • Titel, Potiski kej 1, 21240 Titel, tel. +381 (0)21 862-133


Directorate for Inland Waterways Plovput
Francuska 9, 11000 Belgrade, tel: +381 (0)11 3029-800

Yugoslav River Shipping
Kneza Miloša 82, 11000, Belgrade, tel: +381 (0)11 3617-040


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